Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tip: Decrease A Stitch

When decreasing a stitch or casting off it can be difficult to use the transfer tool. What I do is grab the stitch between my thumb and finger and move it over. This for me takes less time than than using the transfer tool.

A Blanket for Me

I am always cold so I decided to make a blanket. I really love the colors.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Claw Weights

Being cheap cheap cheap has motivated me to create my own tools for the Bond USM. Some of these items may be used for other knitting machines as well.

I decided to make my own claw weights. I went to Walmart and found everything I needed.

Cost $3.71 + tax
Time Two hours (only because I had to let the paint dry or it would have been 15 minutes)

The list is as follows:

6 for a dollar forks Cost: $1.00
different size bank sinkers (in the aisle with the fishing gear) Cost $1.75
spray paint $.96
needle nose pliers Everyone has a pair I hope. Cost Free
saftey pin or heavy duty thread or scrap yarn extras lying around the house Cost Free

Step one
Use the needle nose pliers to bend the tines of the fork down so that it will hook into the knitting without falling out.

Step two
Bend the handle of the fork back in the opposite direction of the bend of the tines. This is to hold extra weight. I am not that strong so I put the end of the fork under my foot and pulled up to start the bend.

Step three
Spray paint sinkers. The sinkers have lead in them and just to be safe spray paint.

Step four
Place sinkers on heavy duty thread or a big saftey pin.

You may add more weight as needed right on the end of the fork.

Wow!! You now have your own Claw Weights for a lot less. Total Cost for 6 weights $3.71 + tax.