Monday, January 19, 2009

Ideas and What I have been learning

This last week I have set aside my knitting carriage and went to my key board. Last week there were so many people asking about how to import Knitware into Pattern Maker. Mind you I am not a guru on the subject but knew the basics on how to get what I wanted. Lucky me, I was talking to a woman (Karen)who was extreamly knowledgable about Pattern Maker. I must have changed my instructions 100 times and each time making it easier and more clear. Thanks Karen.

Karen, my Pattern Maker Godess, has schooled me on the finer points of Pattern Maker. Karen seeing a need for a place where the knitting software could be discussed has opened a yahoo group Pattern Maker 4 Knitting (Group now closed) . What is really nice it is not just to talk about Pattern Maker but other software as well. It just makes me think knitting is really getting high tech. This is not my Grandmas knitting.

Over the Christmas holiday, my Father (wonderful man) bought me a yarn winder. This is a wonderful tool. I so hate every other row pulling yarn. This got me to thinking, a yarn mast would be great. I believe this would futher improve my knitting. I don't think that the wire part of a yarn mast will needed but just a solid piece. I went over to the local hardware store (which always worries my husband (insert evil laugh here))and picked up many items. I think I got what is needed to make a yarn mast for my Bond and some things to make the yarn hook to my carriage. I am excited about this project. I get to use my favorite crafting tool duct tape. My husband is not so excited. I have no idea why.

As I was at the hardware store, I found some small plastic saw horses. I picked those up as well. I would like to have a something I can put my Brother KX 350 on when I use it and be able to break it down and put it away. So hubby will be figuring out how to attach a board to it so it does not move. Again he is not excited with this. I just don't know what is wrong with him.

I will soon get back to my knitting just taking a break right now. I was thinking of sewing a few things as well. Joanns has patterns on sale and well I had to pick some up. My daughter has showed interest in sewing. She is growing up to be a crafter. I am so proud.

I will post pictures of my finished mast if it turns out.

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Transfer Knitware to Pattern Maker Part 2

For an example I change the pattern piece from Dropped shoulder to Raglan. I used same gauge and number of stitches.

Transfer Knitware to Pattern Maker Part 1

Tranfering a pattern from Knitware ver. 2.50.2 to Pattern Maker standard 4.06 can be done with a few simple steps.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Open Latches

I have used many methods to open my latches. I have found the easiest way to open them is with a knitting needle. I just run the needle across the needles and the latches open right up.

This saved so much time every time I knit.

Number of Needles

Many patterns have many different ways to count needles. Some count left of zero and right of zero. Some count total of needles from left to right and from right to left.

This can get very confusing when you use little stickers that count just from left and right of zero. I thought about it a moment and decided that a China marker would work numbering my needles for patterns that call for a total number of needles. It works pretty well. When I am done I just take a tissue and wipe off the numbers. I can now have two projects going at once on my machine.

You can get a China marker at Wal-mart in the office supply section for about $2.00.