Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday Projects

This last holiday I have made a ton of hats. It seemed every time I turned around somebody wanted a hat. I was more than happy to make them. Here are a couple hats I made this holiday season.

I also did make a purse this holiday. I thought it turned out really good for going off the top of my head.

Bond Yarn Mast

A while ago I made a yarn mast for my Bond. It has been very helpful with my center pull yarns.

I took two scrap pieces of wood made sure they were cut to the same size and screwed them with four screws together. I used duck tape wrapped around the wood for less of a slip on the table and it also covered the screws so it would not scratch my table. On the top of the wood, I drilled two holes the size the the wood dowels I got. On the dowels, I screwed in closed hooks. Then I slipped the dowels into the holes in the wood and there it was a complete yarn mast.

I do wax the closed hooks to make it easier for the yarn to move through the hooks. It will change the tension on the yarn and make a tighter stitch. Make sure you make a swatch for each project and adjust the keyplates for the tension you need. I also hold my finger over the slot on the carriage where the yarn slips though so my yarn does not get away.

This is a great way to use the center pull yarns and saves you from pulling the yarn every few stitches to complete a row.

Where I have Been

I have been knitting but not as much lately. I seem to have been real tired and just could not keep up with everything that I had done in the past. I have been feeling better with a few doctor visits and have made sure that I made time for updating my blog. So, look for more posts to come.