Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Re Worked Tote

I did not really like how my first tote came out. The pattern I created was very simple and I really did not like it to much. I re-wrote the pattern and I really like my second version.

Rounded corners really make a huge difference in how the tote looks. I also added a snap on the inside of the ribbing. I thought that would be an added feature. There are several other little changes I made and think that it really improved how the tote looks.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Baby

Well the weather outside is frightful, but I will be keeping warm with my new Santa Scarf.

I found this delightful pattern for a scarf that is just made for the holiday season so I had to make it.

You can not see it very will but the brim of the hat is furry. The ball and the brim were both made out of the same Cha-Cha yarn. I think the ball turned out really fluffy. I think I kinda like it that big and full. I really thought because of how fine it was that I would have problems knitting it on the Bond. I used KP 2.5 and it knitted like a dream. Not one dropped stitch.

It took me weeks to find a sort of flesh colored yarn. The whole time I was looking in stores and online it was at the bottom of my yarn basket. Believe it or not it is Leewards brand yarn. Wow how long have they been out of business?

I used TLC Amore for the body of scarf. I have never used it before but I think I am in love. It was so easy to knit on the Bond and is as soft as a puppy's fur.

The beard I used Rainbow Bounce with Shimmer. I really like the look of the beard. The pattern really does not say how to attach the beard so though trial and error found a really easy way to attach it.

If anyone would like to see the pattern it is at . It is in one of the newsletters.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xanax and Short Rows Update

Ohh yes the Brother KX 350 is what I needed. I was able to complete a whole slipper in about 20 minutes.

In looking at the slipper I think there is to much fabric on the top of the slipper and can not adjust it to look right. I have tried a lot of things. I even reknitted the slipper decreasing a few stitiches.

I folded a crease on each side but it is such a deep crease it just does not look good.

I will have to ask someone if I did this slipper wrong or a way to fix it.

Xanax and Short Rows

I have been working all day on the 14 Minute Slipper. I have just decided I need to take Xanax before I pull all my hair from my head.

My Bond and short rowing do not mix. I pull down on my knitting, go slow and have applied different tensions to the yarn and still I am dropping rows like it is going out of style. I have never been able to be very successful at short rowing on my Bond.

I might just have to break out my Brother KX-350 for anymore projects that call for short rows. Several projects have been made on my Bond that have short rows, but this project has been the worst. In fact, this project is just driving me insane with the dropped stitches. I will finish this slipper off and see how I feel about it when I am done.

I can only suggest if you are going to do short rows on the Bond calming music, cups of tea (with added alcohol), no kids around (including husband) and a tape playing in the background saying how great you are doing. This is my Tip of the day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tote 1st Draft

Well, I am done with my 1st draft of the tote. There are several things I am going to change when I do my second one to make it look better.

Making the ribbing a 1x2 will improve how it looks at the top along with making the that section longer. I also think making the body into two sections with rounded corners at the bottom will make it look so much better. The thread I used for the lining will have to be changed to a more matching color. I forget to change the thread on my machine. I just was not thinking there. I was thinking about adding a snap or a button at the top to close the tote but I have not decided on that yet. I did not like how my seams came out and think I will try a more seamless stitch. All trial and error when you make things up to create.

It will be some time before I make my second one due to Holiday projects screaming to get done. So, I need to move onto the next project and put this off to the side for a moment.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I saw this cute little tote purse being sold at the shoe store. I was thinking it would make wonderful gifts my daughters could give out for Christmas and Birthdays. So, I sat down and thought about how to make this little treasure. I think I have it all worked out on how to make it look just as good as the one I saw at the shoe store.

My daughter has a Birthday party to go to this month and I think we can complete the tote rather quickly. I sat down last night and knitted the body of the tote and I am working on some ribbing.

My daughter has chose bright pink and bright green. I really think they are perfect colors together. I would have never picked those colors but find myself really in love with the color choice.

I decided to line the tote, so I will need to get my sewing machine out. It really needs a lining I chose a really loose tension making the knit bigger. I hoping it turns out.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It took me longer than I have ever expected. With life and bad health in my way the NFL Sweater is finally done. I don't think I will get to all the projects that I had planed for the holiday season but my biggest project is done. The dark green does not show up to well in the picture but it is a wonderful green. I hope my nephew likes it. I will be giving it to him for Christmas.