Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Baby

Well the weather outside is frightful, but I will be keeping warm with my new Santa Scarf.

I found this delightful pattern for a scarf that is just made for the holiday season so I had to make it.

You can not see it very will but the brim of the hat is furry. The ball and the brim were both made out of the same Cha-Cha yarn. I think the ball turned out really fluffy. I think I kinda like it that big and full. I really thought because of how fine it was that I would have problems knitting it on the Bond. I used KP 2.5 and it knitted like a dream. Not one dropped stitch.

It took me weeks to find a sort of flesh colored yarn. The whole time I was looking in stores and online it was at the bottom of my yarn basket. Believe it or not it is Leewards brand yarn. Wow how long have they been out of business?

I used TLC Amore for the body of scarf. I have never used it before but I think I am in love. It was so easy to knit on the Bond and is as soft as a puppy's fur.

The beard I used Rainbow Bounce with Shimmer. I really like the look of the beard. The pattern really does not say how to attach the beard so though trial and error found a really easy way to attach it.

If anyone would like to see the pattern it is at . It is in one of the newsletters.

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freda said...

Hey budy....really,its very precious ideas for us....All the pictures in your post is too good...Thank you for posting this attractive post...