Friday, December 5, 2008


I saw this cute little tote purse being sold at the shoe store. I was thinking it would make wonderful gifts my daughters could give out for Christmas and Birthdays. So, I sat down and thought about how to make this little treasure. I think I have it all worked out on how to make it look just as good as the one I saw at the shoe store.

My daughter has a Birthday party to go to this month and I think we can complete the tote rather quickly. I sat down last night and knitted the body of the tote and I am working on some ribbing.

My daughter has chose bright pink and bright green. I really think they are perfect colors together. I would have never picked those colors but find myself really in love with the color choice.

I decided to line the tote, so I will need to get my sewing machine out. It really needs a lining I chose a really loose tension making the knit bigger. I hoping it turns out.


sharonwue said...

I like the colors. It will be hard to lose that tote. Nice work.

Diana said...

Thanks. I am almost done just working out how to make a nice lining and I will put it up.