Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xanax and Short Rows

I have been working all day on the 14 Minute Slipper. I have just decided I need to take Xanax before I pull all my hair from my head.

My Bond and short rowing do not mix. I pull down on my knitting, go slow and have applied different tensions to the yarn and still I am dropping rows like it is going out of style. I have never been able to be very successful at short rowing on my Bond.

I might just have to break out my Brother KX-350 for anymore projects that call for short rows. Several projects have been made on my Bond that have short rows, but this project has been the worst. In fact, this project is just driving me insane with the dropped stitches. I will finish this slipper off and see how I feel about it when I am done.

I can only suggest if you are going to do short rows on the Bond calming music, cups of tea (with added alcohol), no kids around (including husband) and a tape playing in the background saying how great you are doing. This is my Tip of the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi - It's Gwammie T.
I would not have the courage to try this 14 minute slipper on my Bond. I used my KX 350 because I don't have to wrap needles, etc. I did have to make sure the stitches were pulled down and that my yarn stayed in the tension dial. Otherwise, all went well.

Please try your 350, as I think you will love the process on that machine (smile).

Anonymous said...
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