Thursday, December 4, 2008


It took me longer than I have ever expected. With life and bad health in my way the NFL Sweater is finally done. I don't think I will get to all the projects that I had planed for the holiday season but my biggest project is done. The dark green does not show up to well in the picture but it is a wonderful green. I hope my nephew likes it. I will be giving it to him for Christmas.


Marion said...

You've given me inspiration. I have the same book and want to make the Raider's sweater for my brother. I haven't figured out how to convert for the bond but I will try after the holidays.

Diana said...

Marion I used my Bond to knit the Packers sweater. One thing I also did was that I used two software programs to help. Pattern Maker for cross stitch and Knitware. With those two programs at hand it made things really easy.