Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL Sweater Part 3

My sweater is coming along, not as fast as I would like. I have been so sick that I do a couple rows here a couple rows there. Will I get it done in time for Christmas to give to my nephew. I am sure I will. I am feeling so much better. As long as, I do not have other things to do like take care of my family I can just zip along.

I got the back done and feel really happy about it. I think it turned out really well.

I am almost done with the front and then I can move on to the collar. I am not looking forward to weaving in all the stray yarn. The thought send chills up and down my spine. I guess a good night of TV watching will help me get though it.

Now, If I can keep my dear doggie Jeepers out of the knitting I would be all good. Jeepers is my 4th baby. She is with me all the time (yes, even in the bathroom). She loves to find something I have taken off my needles and snuggle in. My silly ole girl.

I do plan that this weekend I am going to finish this sweater and move onto the next project. This has taken me to long and I have a lot of project to get done before the Holidays.

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