Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home Made Bond Super Cast on Comb

This is my home made cast on comb for my Bond USM. I went to the local hardware store and got every thing I needed.
1. Flat metal bar
2. Metal Glue
3. Paper Clips
4. wire cutters
5. Handy Mans dream DUCT TAPE

All I did to make my 130 pin cast on comb was:
cut the paper clip at the bend and with a section of my Bond spaced the paper clips out. Then you just glue them on and when dry cover with duct tape. Easy super huge cast on comb.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty cheap, too, so this appeals to me. A question about your c.o.c. I made one a few years ago, but had problems with the paperclips coming off. Until they started popping off I adored the c.o.c. and knit a ton. Do you have this problem?

Diana said...

I don't have problems with the paper clips popping off. The metal glue has held them very well.

Shishkani said...

I'll bet you could secure them REALLY well by unfolding them. Use the big loop to make the hook, cutting off the extra there, but use the small loop to go around the metal bar and secure these in place.

Bonus idea: instead of a metal bar, use a metal yardstick. Not too expensive, and it will allow you to place the paper clips very precisely.