Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Puffy Paint

I have made my Mary Jane slippers but am very concerned about slip and falls. I read many people have been using Puffy paint to combat slippery yarn slippers. So what the heck I gave it a try.

There are many products on the market that can be placed on the bottom of slippers so that they will not slip, but of course they are more expensive than Puffy paint. The Tulip brand Puffy paint is on average only $1.47 a 1.25 oz tube.

I started by trying to read the directions on the bottle. WOW, I have never seen smaller print. Thinking I am smarter than the average bear, went online to the Tulip site for the directions. They only offered a very general directions on 3-d paint. I had to resort to magnifying the back of the bottle. If I did not do that I would have missed some very important information like you have to steam the paint for it to puff.

After dotting up the bottom of the slippers and waiting 4 hours for it to dry, I steamed the paint and it changed from glossy black to flat black and may have looked a little puffy but I could not really tell a difference. I really did not like the look of the dots on the bottom of my cute as a button slippers. I think it would look better if I had did some sort of pattern or image.

Well, I waited 72 hours to make sure they were dry and tried them on for the big test. I am pleased to inform you that the puffy did create a less slip surface to the bottom of my knitted slipper. Of course, this does not replace a good ole fashioned rubber sole but does work rather well. I would suggest if you are giving knitted slippers to seniors, small children or anyone that has balance issues to use some sort of rubber sole or even Grippies to help prevent falling from slick soles.

I have decided to use the Puffy paint on the slippers that I will be giving out this Christmas. Of course, I will not be giving any to anyone who has any balance issues this year. Also, I will be creating a better design on the bottom of the slipper dots just will not do.

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Kreativekitty said...

Thank you for this post! I am excited to try it!