Thursday, October 16, 2008

NFL Sweater

Well, here I go making things more difficult for myself again. I got a pattern to make a NFL sweater on a Studio 700. So I know how to convert the gauge from 4.5mm to my Bond 8mm but I am trying to work out how to convert the NFL logo on the pattern. I am just racking my brain on this. Converting the sweater from one gauge to another easy. Placing the logo not so easy. I want the sweater to look the same or just about the same as the pattern. I do believe the if I placed the logo as it is graphed it will be to large for the sweater because of the gauge difference. Also I do not want it to come out misshapen. I think I will make a sample of logo just to see just how big it will be and then decided just what I want to do from there.

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Vicki said...


I cannot find NFL Sweaters for Machine Knitting on the internet. Is it possible I could buy a copy of the book or the instructions? Please, I am disparate!!!!! Please contact me at (916) 308-8057 or Thank you very much, Vicki!!!!